Our website address is: spellboundbrush.com

You may have also accessed this website by typing in:  titoland.com -or- tiffanysrealm.com  -or- ancientwisdomoracle.com

Or, like, honestly, I don't even know how you got here. I'm not a mind reader. We accept no responsibility for internet wormholes, Google deep-dives, or other digital phenomena that may have brought you to this website.


Here’s what we collect:


When visitors leave comments on the site we collect personal information, like name, e-mail address, and IP address. This is to help detect and eliminate spam.


When visitors place an order, we collect personal information, like name, e-mail address, phone number, physical and billing address, and IP address. This information is used only to fulfill orders.

Contact Forms

When visitors use a contact form, they may supply their name, e-mail address, and other personal identifying information at their own discretion. We only use this information to respond and answer your query appropriately.


When visitors use this website, leave comments, or place orders, cookies may be set in your browser. These cookies are only used to help track internal website traffic and to save you time while filling in your name and e-mail address when commenting. We do not track you when you leave this site, and tracking information is only used to help us understand which paintings are most popular.

Embedded Content From Other Sites

Occasionally you may encounter embedded content from other websites, eg: videos from YouTube, photos from Instagram, tweets from Twitter, etc. This material behaves as if you had visited those websites. Those websites may collect personal data, embed cookies, utilize 3rd party tracking, and monitor your interactions with that content, particularly if you have an account on that website and are logged in.

Your soul

Who do we share it with?

We use Squarespace for Tiffany's newsletter, and Stripe and PayPal to process payments. We also use Stamps.com to process postage. We never sell your data, and we don't share it with anyone that you haven't consented to share it with. We aren’t jerks (generally).

How Long Do We Store Your Data?

Your data, whether left behind as a comment, or sent to us in an order, is stored indefinitely. Your comment and associated data will be stored until it is deleted or this website no longer exists. Your order information is stored for a period of ten years for administrative, legal, tax, and security purposes.

We never receive, and do not store, your credit card information.

What Rights Do You Have Over Your Data?

If you have left comments on this website, you may delete them or request that we delete them at any time. We will also erase any personal data we have collected about you at your request, except for data we are required to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes. The Tax Man likes the records, yup yup.

Where Do We Send Your Data?

Some data is stored on servers owned and operated by Squarespace (eg: comments and orders). Your payment information may be stored by Stripe or PayPal if you opt-in on those websites. Order information is stored in the Hall of Records (aka the file cabinets in the studio bathroom). We send some data to Squarespace when you sign up for the newsletter, like your name and e-mail address, which you provided.

How Do We Protect Your Data?

Well, we lock the door at night, and we have two giant mean dogs, and for the digital stuff we rely on Squarespace, PayPal, and Stripe. If it wasn't clear before, the only personal data we ever lay our eyes or hands on is your address and e-mail address. We don't collect or see payment information and you would need to refer to PayPal for their privacy policy if you have concerns about payment security.

What Data Breach Procedures Do We Have In Place?

Data breaches, if any, will be handled with the help of Squarespace, and the aforementioned mean dogs, if applicable. Generally, we don't have any information on hand that isn't publicly available, such as your address. We don't have access to credit card information and any concerns you have about that will have to be taken up with Stripe or PayPal. We don't store credit card information. I don't know if I can make that clear enough. 

If you suspect a breach has occurred, you'll need to contact PayPal or Stripe, whichever payment processor you chose at check out. Because, like I said before, we never see your payment information or handle it in any way. All we see is a string of letters, numbers, and characters that mean something to computers and nothing to us. Someday they will rise up, and max out all our credit cards.

What Third Parties Do You Receive Data From?

We don't. We wouldn't even know what to do with it if someone did give us some data. The file cabinets are nearly full as it is, please, take your data elsewhere, Third Party. Honestly, I have nightmares about Third Party showing up and asking us to hide their stash of your middle school diaries. Where would we even put them? No, absolutely not. Take it away.

What Automated Profiling And/Or Decision Making Do You Use Personal Data For?

We don't. This sounds like something that costs a lot of money. Is that like a robot? I don't even have a Roomba, guys. Those things are straight up witchcraft, but the cool sexy TV kind. I want a Roomba that cleans the whole house when I wiggle my nose.

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