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Dumb Supper

Dumb Supper

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The Dumb Supper is an old tradition that started as a love spell of sorts. Often held in abandoned houses, Dumb Suppers were served at midnight in complete silence. The hostess, or hostesses, would wait to see a vision of their future husband coming to sit at the table. Eventually as women gained more rights marriage was less and less important to young women and the Dumb Supper was nearly forgotten. In recent decades it has been resurrected as a feast to honor the dead.

The Dumb Supper is still served in complete silence, but it is also eaten in reverse starting with dessert and ending with bread rolls. Sometimes extra place settings are placed upon the table to serve as an invitation to the dearly departed to join the diners.

My Dumb Supper scene depicts a witchy hostess serving the final course of bread rolls to her disguised guests. Each wears a skull mask, but what is this? Not enough dinner rolls to go around? Perhaps not all of those skulls are masks! When none can speak then who can tell?

🌑 Prints Crafted using high-quality materials, this art print boasts rich pigments that ensure long-lasting vibrancy. The smooth texture of the paper enhances every detail, offering an unparalleled visual experience. All of our art prints are produced in the artist's studio in order to preserve Tiffany's unique vision.

🌒 Journals These journals feature fabric covers that we print on here in the studio - front and back! Deluxe-sized at 8"x10", each journal contains 96 pages of lined paper with space at the top for a memo and date. A white satin ribbon bookmark can also be found inside each of these journals. Use it as a diary, tarot journal, dream journal, for poetry, or use it as your Book of Shadows - the choice is yours!

🌓 Satin Bags - These white satin bags are printed in full-color with my fantasy, spiritual, and magical art. Each bag measures about 4.75"x8" in size and has a ribbon drawstring closure. Each bag has been printed here in my studio. These designs are IN the fabric - they are not press-on transfers that will peel, crack, or come off over time.

Each soft bag is perfectly sized to contain one standard tarot deck (my Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck fits perfectly, even the whole box fits inside!), smudge sticks, crystals, soap, incense cones, bath bombs, small figurines, runes, jewelry - you name it!

🌔 Mugs Lightweight but durable, these "camp mugs" are made of metal and coated with enamel that we print on here in the studio. These mugs are gorgeous, shiny, full-color reproductions of Tiffany's art, worthy of your daily coffee or tea!

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