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Checking It Twice - Oils

Checking It Twice - Oils

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This is an ORIGINAL oil painting! It measures about 13"x20" and was painted in oils on a primed heavy paper. 65% of the sale (over $700!) will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans charity in memory of my friend and model, Marion Z. Skydancer.

💌 "Checking it Twice" - a NEW PAINTING THIS YEAR! When I was first starting out in illustration, I came across a stock photographer and model named Marion Z. Skydancer. Marion was a real living wizard, if you ask me, and he graciously offered his thousands of photos to the art world. Marion helped me with my art on many occasions, and was one of the first people to ever receive a prototype copy of the Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck - he is the only man that appears in that deck - and his feedback was always invaluable.

Marion passed away in 2021, but he left the world with his photos and his unending inspiration. In honor of Marion's memory, I have pulled back out some of the Yuletide Wizards I painted with him as the model, and I am donating the proceeds to the Disabled American Veterans.

You can find all four prints of my Yuletide Wizards in my Etsy shop through 12/7 this year, and in November and December for each year after.

This original painting ships in a box to any location in the world.

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