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Cernuna - Oils

Cernuna - Oils

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Cernuna seems to have been all but forgotten by mankind. She is a horned goddess of the seasons, transitions, fertility, abundance, the harvest, and growth. Most people are probably more familiar with Cernunnos, a male horned god of the hunt and protector of the forest. Cernuna is similar, but more associated with the protection of animals and the land and even, perhaps, associated with the winter solstice as it is the female reindeer and the Deer Mother that pull the sleigh. I've given her a more deer-like appearance and a rune to signify her role as a protector of the forest and the animals within.

This painting was produced using artist's professional quality oil paints on Arches oil paper. This paper is sturdy and specially formulated for oil paints. The painting itself is about 11"x14" on a 12"x16" piece of paper. She is unframed but packaged in a clear bag with backing board and shipped in a box to keep her safe. Each original piece of art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask!

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