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Camp Mug - Trouble is Born, Not Made

Camp Mug - Trouble is Born, Not Made

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***100% of profits from sale of Santa mugs will be donated to Disabled American Veterans in loving memory of Marion Z. Skydancer (my Santa and wizard model)! Special sale continues through December 7th, then Santa goes away until November 2023***

This white enamel camp mug is the perfect reminder that while your kids are driving you crazy with things that light up, beep, and whir, at least they didn't get any dragons! The photo of the mug with the snail gives you an idea of what these mugs look like finished - we haven't made any Santa mugs yet this year so you'll have to use your imagination! Lightweight but durable, these mugs are made of metal and coated with enamel that we print on here in the studio. These mugs are gorgeous, shiny, full-color reproductions of Tiffany's art, worthy of your daily coffee or tea!

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