11x14 Print - Water Hemlock
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11x14 Print - Water Hemlock

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This was one of my first oil paintings that I painted in 2014 when I was first switching from digital to oil painting. This piece was included in my solo show that fall at Eight and Sand Gallery in Seattle. The original has since sold, but these full-color prints look very much like the "real" thing. This piece was heavily inspired by Ophelia (of course!) and other paintings of beautiful women floating in ponds, but with a more American twist. This piece features water hemlock, a deadly elderberry look-alike found all over North America.

This is a beautiful full-color reproduction of my original art on premium matte paper. Each print is professionally printed right here in my studio, signed on the front, and packaged in protective bags. What you see here is what you get - minus the digital signature and website address.

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