About the Artist

Tiffany Toland-Scott (aka Tito) was found under a mossy rock in the Pacific Northwest. Rumor has it, she was so rotten even the faeries wouldn't keep her. She eventually left the mossy crag she hatched on and has wandered ever since, occasionally settling down in places like Arizona, Montana, and Georgia.
She has spent her entire adult life in the arts, starting out as an air brusher and photo editor, then working as a matte painter, a book cover artist, photographer, animator, illustrator, and fine artist.
Inspiration for her work is drawn from the deep dark woods, Victorian cemeteries, folklore, weird literature, things that go bump in the night, and high fashion.
When she's not in the studio, she can be found in the garden, the woods, the water, or rolling in the grass with her dogs. These days she lives in a 110-year-old "haunted mansion" in North Georgia.

Why “Tito”?

The nickname "Tito" comes from my art show paperwork. Usually when you participate in an art show you're given some combination of initials and numbers for each piece. This helps identify the pieces quickly for accounting and such. Sometimes the format is the first two letters of your first name and the first two letters of your last name, so I show up as "TITO" again and again.
my painting desk in my art studio with supplies and sketchbook

Some of the companies I've worked with include:

Ballistic Publishing
Out of Step Books
Pyramid America
Unicorn Studio Inc.
Flametree Publishing
78 Tarot
Paper Tiger
Photoshop Creative
Indie Goes
World of 3D