Working on Cernuna (again)

Working on Cernuna (again)

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Last year I painted the underpainting for this piece, but then I was interrupted by the RV remodeling project, which turned into remodeling and selling mine and my grandmother's houses and buying our new house. Sometimes old paintings are hard to pick back up because they literally won't take paint. This one was like that - the oils had dried and were repellent, but with a little work she is finally taking on some color. Later this month I'll share a short video tutorial for everyone in the $10+ tier about how to fix a painting so it will take paint again.

Yesterday I ordered a new camera lens for making videos. I have been using a little HandyCam for a couple of years because I could attach it to my desk for straight-down videos, but the image quality isn't that good! I decided to go back to using my dSLR, but I need a bigger lens that I can use to zoom in really close from over my shoulder. It should be here later this week along with some new lens filters that will hopefully help eliminate some of the glare in the videos.

(I actually had an old telephoto lens that I was hoping I could use, but I remember dropping it on the side of the road in Arizona, probably when I was on a photography trip at Montezuma's Castle or the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts village, or maybe just somewhere in the red rocks. I tried it out yesterday and either the aperture is broken or the processor inside the lens is broken, or both, and my attempt to repair it didn't work, so I bought a newer one with better image stabilization. I am excited to see how it all works, but my new home is so far away from the city I have to wait until Friday for UPS to get here!)

I've changed up my schedule a bit to give me more painting time and I have a huge stack of paintings going right now, so I will be sharing more videos and pictures very soon!

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