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Working on Cernuna (again)

You can read more about this and see a short (13 second) video on my Patreon Blog here: click here Last year I painted the underpainting for this piece, but then I was interrupted by the RV remodeling project, which turned into remodeling and selling mine and my grandmother's houses and buying our new house. Sometimes old paintings are hard to pick back up because they literally won't take paint. This one was like that - the oils had dried and were repellent, but with a little work she is finally taking on some color. Later this month I'll share a short video tutorial for everyone in the $10+ tier about how to fix a painting so it will take...

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Lavender Fields

Last week I started coming down with something (no, it's not the 'rona). I thought maybe it was just allergies at first, but by Saturday morning I was hopelessly sick and obviously needed to see a doctor. I had big plans this week. I had big plans last week, too, but 'rona don't care. I didn't manage to do much last week. I finished/touched up a couple paintings that needed it, and I started and then ruined an oil painting. I wanted to finish the Columbia painting, but my brain felt like pudding that someone tried to flambé. Today my brain feels like brain, slightly scorched still, but it brains. Before I left the studio for a week I did...

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Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Things are very strange right now. I suppose it goes without saying. To me things are mostly the same. I spend great swaths of time alone anyway, and have for most of my life. I grew up inside the Wenatchee National Forest in Washington, where there weren't a lot of year-round residents and not much to get out and see other than trees. But there is still a weird feeling in the air. I don't know if it's the feeling of unpredictability, or that everyone else is on edge, or what, exactly. I was frankly shocked when we went to the grocery store on Friday night. We will be eating some strange combinations of food this week since nearly all...

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