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Lavender Fields

Last week I started coming down with something (no, it's not the 'rona). I thought maybe it was just allergies at first, but by Saturday morning I was hopelessly sick and obviously needed to see a doctor. I had big plans this week. I had big plans last week, too, but 'rona don't care. I didn't manage to do much last week. I finished/touched up a couple paintings that needed it, and I started and then ruined an oil painting. I wanted to finish the Columbia painting, but my brain felt like pudding that someone tried to flambé. Today my brain feels like brain, slightly scorched still, but it brains. Before I left the studio for a week I did...

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Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Things are very strange right now. I suppose it goes without saying. To me things are mostly the same. I spend great swaths of time alone anyway, and have for most of my life. I grew up inside the Wenatchee National Forest in Washington, where there weren't a lot of year-round residents and not much to get out and see other than trees. But there is still a weird feeling in the air. I don't know if it's the feeling of unpredictability, or that everyone else is on edge, or what, exactly. I was frankly shocked when we went to the grocery store on Friday night. We will be eating some strange combinations of food this week since nearly all...

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