Oil Book 4 | Painting a Sunset at Sea

Oil Book 4 | Painting a Sunset at Sea

To blend, or not to blend? It's the question a lot of oil painters find themselves faced with at some point. Some people swear blending is amateurish and no one should ever do it. Others won't buy art that has too many harsh brushstrokes or lines in it. Is it better to do one or the other? Or are they both right at different times?

Personally... I like to blend. I like my paintings to look somewhere between dreamy and real. But even then, hard lines have their place, and they can be useful for different things.

In this video not only do I discuss blending, but also why your shadows don't look right, and I talk about the adjusted primary palette I'm using (yellow, blue, red, tinted whites, and two different pinks).

Next week I'll be painting outdoors and talking about the challenges I faced painting in the wilds of my backyard.

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