Oil Book 2 | Painting Lily Pads

Oil Book 2 | Painting Lily Pads

Somehow I have completely neglected the blog since March. I have been painting and filming a ton, so here's one of the things I forgot to post about here.

I've been painting more sketches in my oil book - a cheap sketchbook that I bought for recording mixtures and color palettes. Gradually it's morphed into something more, a place for me to try new things and practice without the pressure of making it appealing or selling it when it's done.

It's really freeing in a way, and some weeks when I'm really busy the only thing I get done art-wise is my oil book painting.

Painting these lily pads really didn't go the way I intended it to, but it didn't really matter. I kept one of the paintings and scribbled out the other one in the end. It's a process I could have kept to myself and not shared it. It certainly felt like a failure at the time. But if we aren't honest and don't acknowledge our failures, I don't think we can really learn from them, and sometimes other people can learn more from our failures than they can from our successes.

So, I present to you, me attempting to paint lily pads from an underwater view, failing, getting frustrated, and sharing it anyway.

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