Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

Last week I started coming down with something (no, it's not the 'rona). I thought maybe it was just allergies at first, but by Saturday morning I was hopelessly sick and obviously needed to see a doctor. I had big plans this week. I had big plans last week, too, but 'rona don't care.

I didn't manage to do much last week. I finished/touched up a couple paintings that needed it, and I started and then ruined an oil painting. I wanted to finish the Columbia painting, but my brain felt like pudding that someone tried to flambé. Today my brain feels like brain, slightly scorched still, but it brains.

Before I left the studio for a week I did make the little oil sketch in my "color book" that you see above. It's a French lavender field, painted primarily with some new Charvin paints I recently ordered. They are kind of odd colors, all over the place, but I managed to mix everything I needed with them and added a few other colors just to get a little more opacity or some highlights here and there. I actually really like pictures of French lavender fields. I think they're always beautiful, but it's so far from the realm of stuff I usually paint it felt like a good thing to indulge in in my little color book. Usually I just record color palettes and mixes in the book, but why not throw a picture in there sometimes, too?

Today I am going to try and get as far as I can on as many things as possible, but I haven't felt well enough to paint until today so I am not sure how far I'll get. You don't realize how much energy painting takes until you don't have much/any to spare. It doesn't help that we're getting a new roof today and the noise level is almost unbearable.

For now there's no new videos to share. My voice has been coming and going the whole time I've been sick so recording voiceovers is out of the question. I hope to get back to normal next week. I have lots of videos that just need voiceovers, and now I'm almost 2 months behind on sharing my recordings!

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