Inktober Day 3

The biggest struggle for me this InkTober has been finding time to scan, clean, and post all of my art. I have been drawing quite a bit, and that takes up most of my work day, so I end up thinking "I'll scan it tomorrow"... and then by the time I actually get around to scanning things I have a huge pile and it takes forever!
So here's day 3, the prompt was "bait". I don't know how much longer I'll be sticking to the prompts. It's fun but I also kind of want to do my own thing! I decided to draw the sort of bait I would leave out for the witches I know - fruity cordials, brews, and other "spirits", of course.
The coloring page version is available to patrons in the $2+ tiers here:
The original is for sale here: click here

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