Holiday Deadlines and Closures

Good morning!

I just wanted to pop in and post that tomorrow, 12/1, is the last day to order for by-Christmas international delivery - and even that is not guaranteed right now. I do my best but it's entirely up to the shipping company after I hand it to them, you know?

For domestic delivery before Christmas, please order no later than 12/16. I am closing the studio on the evening of 12/18 and no more shipping will occur after that until 12/28.


I am still doing my best to ship the same day or the next day after things are ordered. We're in the process of building a new art studio, so things are a little insane around here. We're actually remodeling an RV into a "portable" art studio - although I have no plans to move it any time soon. It's going to be a nice upgrade when it is done, though. It's a big RV with lots of cabinets and built-in desks, tons of windows and skylights, and all the storage space I could ask for.

It doesn't look exactly like this anymore. We've started putting in new "wood" floors, the cabinet doors are all painted and back on, the ceiling is painted, etc. I'm excited to start using it, hopefully later this week. I'll post a video about the remodeling process when it's all done, and a studio tour, too.

That's it for now. Have a great Monday. :)

Tiffany ♡

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