Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck

The Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck spread out on a table

In 2019 we had another printing of Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck produced, which was the second-largest printing to date and we expected it would last for a while. It sold out very quickly and thanks to COVID-19, we couldn't get more of them and had no idea when we would be able to again. Nor did we know if we'd have art shows to sell them at any time soon.

Well, things are turning around a lot faster than we anticipated and the ball is rolling to get another printing of Ancient Wisdom in the studio! This printing will be the largest date, nearly double the size of our largest printing, with some important updates.

There will be 8 more cards than in the original 60-card deluxe version, a new box design, and more that I will share soon! I am still looking for the perfect factory to produce this 6th printing for me but I will be sharing more as soon as I can.

Since we have more decks coming, I have discontinued the deck through The Game Crafter, and I encourage you to join my newsletter for updates.

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