My sketchbooks are here and I have been working hard to get sketches into the ones that come with sketches and to get orders all caught up after Dragon*Con. At first I was very nervous about sketching in the books, since this is not something I usually do, but after the first one I relaxed and the remaining 19 sketches poured out pretty easily.

sketchbook 2.jpg
sketchbook 4.jpg
sketchbook 5.jpg

I finished shipping all the pre-ordered books this morning, and now there are a few with sketches left behind in the studio. You can get a sketchbook with one of these sketches (or some others that aren’t shown, it’s a mystery!) in the front for $40, or a sketchbook that is signed and numbered without a sketch for $20. I’m shipping the books with a free sticker as well for a limited time.

Musings 2019 Sketchbook
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Musings 2019 Sketchbook w/ original sketch
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