LibertyCon Wrap-Up

I’m home from another wonderful year displaying my art at LibertyCon! This year I was on several panels ranging from faeries in pop culture to art and science intersecting. Someday I’ll make a video explaining why art is a science, but for now I’ll just show you some pictures from my weekend.

LibertyCon has a classic convention art show setup with 4’x4’ pegboard panels that you hang your art on with pegboard hooks. They are better than most conventions about lighting the panels, though.

My art show panels (4 of them) with my print shop table in front.

They are also smarter than a lot of other conventions. Instead of having a cluttered print shop, they put a table in front of your art with your prints on it.

“Meditation”, oils, 2018/2019, won best 2D by popular vote.

This has been a difficult year for me in a lot of ways, one of lots of artistic and personal growth but also some really painful adjustment periods that have sucked the wind out of my artistic sails. So I was shocked and honored to find that “Meditation” had won best 2D. I wore my medal for the rest of the day. I have really struggled this year, and there are always so many amazing artists at LibertyCon, so getting this medal really made a lot of it “worth it.”

My little charity painting of a rocket ship speeding away from some space tentacles. Acrylic on canvas, 6”x8”(?)

I also participated in a little charity art jam - basically four artists working with some unfamiliar materials and trying to produce a finished piece of art in 2 hours. We were given the theme “space opera” and then instructed to choose a small toy out of a bag without looking.

Personally, it was a great weekend. I always enjoy Chattanooga and I was delighted that several restaurants had gluten-free food (I have a wheat allergy) so I was able to eat a decent variety of nice sit-down restaurant meals with my husband. Usually when we go to conventions or on trips I am stuck with the few fast food options we know are safe, so it was a really nice change to eat a delicious deep dish pizza at Community Pie and some southern-style food at Tupelo Honey. I will definitely be back to both in the future. Hopefully sooner than later for that pizza, gelato, and iced Earl Grey tea at Community Pie.

It was also lovely to see many of my “art friends” again, and to spend a weekend alone with Luke. Too bad LibertyCon only happens once a year!